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Nervous System Medicines

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  1. Zolmitriptan Spray ZOLMIST NASAL SPRAY

    Zolmist Nasal Spray is used to treat acute migraine attacks. It works by narrowing the blood vessels, thereby relieving migraine headaches and preventing the attack from becoming worse.Zolmist Nasal Spray should be used as advised and you must follow proper guidance of the doctor. Carry the spray with you as an attack may occur anytime. Do not skip any doses and finish the full course of treatment even if you feel better. If you have missed a dose, take it as soon as you remember it.Side effects associated with the use of this medicine include dryness in mouth, nausea, taste changes, drowsiness and peripheral neuropathy (tingling and numbness of feet and hands). It may cause dizziness, do not drive or operate machinery until you know how this medicine affects you. Inform your doctor if you are suffering from any heart disease as the use of this medicine is contraindicated in some heart problems.
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  2. Methotrexate (7.5mg) IMUTREX TAB

    Imutrex 7.5 Tablet is a medicine used to treat rheumatoid arthritis where it helps prevent further joint damage. It is also used to treat severe forms of a skin disease called psoriasis where it works by killing cells in the skin that grow too quickly.Imutrex 7.5 Tablet may be used alone or in combination with other medicines. You should take it exactly as your doctor has advised. Taking too much of it can cause serious side effects. It may take several weeks or months for you to see or feel the benefits but do not stop taking it unless your doctor tells you to. You should avoid drinking alcohol while taking this medicine as it may increase your risk of liver damage.The most common side effects of this medicine include nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, tiredness, and mouth sores. Your doctor may advise you to take folic acid to reduce some of these. If they do not go away or get worse, tell your doctor. There may be ways of preventing or reducing these effects. This medicine may lower your ability to fight infections and lead to problems with your blood, liver, or kidneys. Your doctor may perform several tests such as blood tests, x-rays, and physical examinations both before and during treatment with this medicine to check for these.Before taking it, tell your doctor if you are pregnant, have problems related to the stomach, liver, or kidney, or are taking any medicines to treat infections. Many other medicines can affect, or be affected by, this medicine so let your healthcare team know all medications you are using. This medicine is not recommended during pregnancy or while breastfeeding as it may harm the baby.
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  3. Dicorate ER 250 Tablet(Divalproex (250mg)

    Dicorate ER 250 Tablet is a medicine used to treat epilepsy. It helps prevent and control seizures
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